We Work Hard & Aim to Please

“I would say Marianne is a total people person, a hard worker, and the original article: What you see is what you get! I love hearing her speak and I value what she says because I feel she is a very genuine person. That is something you can’t manufacture.”
Ryan Dennis
“I have known Marianne and Wally for many years and, in that time, I have found them to be very hardworking, helpful, and creative. They continue to educate themselves and are always up for a challenge.

"Marianne has an excellent sense of design and Wally is very skilled in remodeling and has done many projects in their previous and current home. Wally served in the United States Air Force and Marianne was involved in the Masonic Service Organization, The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls. Marianne and Wally are community minded and are very environmentally conscious. They are thoughtful, welcoming and kind.”

Sandy G.
“Marianne is very knowledgeable. She takes the time to explain things clearly and thoroughly, while answering all your questions. She is very personable and approachable. I highly recommend her!”
A. Fox